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VAST Satellite

What is V.A.S.T?
VAST enables people living in poor tv-reception areas to get free-to-air tv from a satellite dish, instead of from a regular tv antenna.

What does V.A.S.T stand for?
Viewer Access Satellite Television

What is the cost of the initial installation?
It is usually less than you would pay for a new antenna, masthead amplifier, pole installation. We provide a free, no-obligation quote service.

What are the ongoing costs with V.A.S.T?

How can Tiger Antennas help me with this?
We can come to your home and do a free signal test from your roof. If your home is in a very poor tv reception area we will see if V.A.S.T might be suitable for you. Basically, we will look at your roof type and check for line-of-sight access to the appropriate satellite. We will then discuss options with you and let you know which is the best way for you to go.

If we feel you are likely to qualify for V.A.S.T we can put in an application for you. There is no cost for any of this.

If/when you are approved we can carry out the entire installation and show you how to use the system. You only pay us once the installation is complete and you are receiving all the channels.

What are the benefits of V.A.S.T (if I qualify for it)?
– Perfect tv reception
– You receive tv channels from NSW and most other states in Australia
– You receive a heap of radio channels
– No tall pole/guy wire assembly on your roof (which can leak if the silicon is not replaced every eight years or so)
– The VAST receiver we supply has built-in PVR (personal video recorder) functions – no need to go out and purchase and expensive PVR.

What’s the next step?
Simply call Tiger Antennas and we will pop around (free of charge) and carry out an assessment.