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Digital tv antennas Solving reception problems, installing digital antennas, installing additional tv outlets, wall-mounting your tv – these are things we specialise in. We mostly supply Tv antennas manufactured in Australia – for Australian conditions. We will carry out a free site survey to determine the most appropriate antenna for your house/televisions. Our antennas range from $240 to $390. These prices include parts and labour.

Antenna realignment Sometimes you don’t need a new antenna, you just need your existing antenna properly realigned.

V.A.S.T satellite Many people living in blackspot areas (areas with very poor tv reception) are able to qualify for V.A.S.T. Using this system a small satellite dish is mounted to your roof instead of an antenna on a tall pole. The total cost is usually no more than a new antenna, amplifier, pole installation. There are no ongoing costs whatsoever. TV reception through V.A.S.T is usually excellent and you also receive over 50 radio channels. Tiger Antennas does the whole thing for you. We even put in the application for V.A.S.T for you at no charge.

Extra TV points Need extra TV points in other rooms? We can do that for you.

Extra Foxtel outlets There are two ways that you can get Foxtel onto other TV’s in your home. One way is to contact Foxtel and get another Foxtel box for the other TV/s. You need to contact Foxtel for pricing but they will generally charge you an additional $20 per month for each new box. With an extra box you can watch different Foxtel programs on your TVs. The other way is to get Tiger Antennas to instal a modulation system. With this you do not need to pay Foxtel for another box (which means no extra $20 per month) but you can only view the same channel on the rest of your tvs. For example, if on the tv in your lounge room Foxtel is tuned in to a sports channel, then the tv in your bedroom will show all the normal tv channels plus the Foxtel sports channel. Just call us if you have any questions about this…

Wall-mounting flat screen TVs Many people are choosing to have their plasma or LCD TV mounted to a wall. Your TV likely cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and wall mounting needs to be done properly. We have a range of wall mounts to choose from and we know how to wall mount televisions safely and securely. Selecting the correct wall mount for your wall and viewing pleasure is essential. Do you need tilt and/or slide and/or articulation to get the best viewing angle/s? Will the mount be secured into one stud, two, three..? If only one stud will the mount/wall be sufficient to safely hold the weight of your TV? Are there electrical cables or gas pipes in the wall cavity? A Tiger Antennas’ technician can help you select the very best mount for your wall/TV. In most instances we are able to run the cables through the wall cavity. It’s all included in the cost. Costs vary from $120 to $350 and this includes materials and labour, connecting to any devices (set-top box, recording devices etc..) and tuning your TV. All you have to do is sit down on the couch once we’ve gone and “test” your new set up.

CCTV Many homes now have CCTV (security cameras) to protect the home and loved ones. These days we are often asked to patch the feed through to the main tv. This way you can simply switch the input to, say HDMI 3, and you can then see all four camera images. You can keep an eye on your kids playing in the pool whilst you are comfortable in your lounge room! Additional computer outlets No need to run blue Cat6 cable across the floor or put up with an inconsistent wireless connection.

Home theatre installations Don’t have the time or the inclination to set up your new TV and other components? Let Tiger Antennas take care of it for yo

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