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Digital antennas, fixing up tv reception issues, installing extra tv outlets and wall-mounting tv’s – these are the things we are experts in.

Local knowledge, particularly with regards to tv reception issues, is more important than ever these days – especially in the Hornsby shire district.  We live and work in hornsby and have been locals for over 19 years.

The most common causes of TV reception problems are weak or poor-quality signal going into the tv. This is usually caused by an antenna or amplifier not functioning properly but can also be caused by a bad connection somewhere along the line and by 4G interference. 

Whilst these are the most common causes there are plenty of others – including a faulty splitter, a cabling issue, outside interference and simply living in a poor reception area. A Tiger Antenna’s technician can usually identify the cause of the problem within 10 or so minutes. 

We use professional meters made specifically for the job and take readings at your roof and at your tv outlets. All this is done at the (free) quotation stage so when we provide a fixed-price quotation you can be confident the price won’t change from what’s been quoted.

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We have lived and worked in hornsby for over 20 years.

We take pride in our work and over 50% of our business comes from referrals and existing customers.

We use quality equipment, professional diagnostic tools, and are highly experienced.

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TV Antennas for Hornsby and surrounding suburbs

Having an appropriate antenna suitable for our part of Sydney is more important than ever.  The antenna needs to be quite powerful and should also have a built-in 4G filter.  We go to a lot of houses where the antenna might not be that old but the installer installed a ‘metro’ type of antenna.  These antennas are smaller but aren’t that powerful.  For most Hornsbyshire residents their antenna will be pointing towards the transmission towers in Artarmon.  Metro antennas are fine for someone living closer in to Artarmon (for example,  Glebe, Balmain, Greenwich etc..) but are generally not powerful enough for Hornsby and surrounding suburbs.

Your antenna should also have a built-in 4G filter to filter out any potential interference from mobile phone towers.  Chances are your antenna doesn’t happen to be pointing directly as a mobile phone tower but new towers are going up all the time and you want your antenna to be future proof.  Having a built-in 4G filter is so important that a few years ago we dropped all antennas from our range that didn’t have a built-in filter.  Antennas with a built-in 4G filter don’t cost any more so it’s a no brainer.

Apart from being powerful enough and have a built-in 4G filter an antenna for our area should also be sturdy enough to handle Cockatoos.


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TV Antenna Installation Service in Hornsby-shire - tips for avoiding problems

Below are some tips and suggestions to help you get the job done properly.

Use a local specialist.  This might seem obvious but it’s easy to not get this one right. These days it’s easy for companies, particularly larger companies, to fool you into making it look like they are a local company even when they are not.  Simply ask the technician where he/she lives.  If you get a technician who does not live in Hornsbyshire he/she is less likely to have the most appropriate antennas in the vehicle, is less likely to be aware of local things that can cause reception issues (mobile hone tower locations etc..) and is less likely to get back to you quickly in the event there is an issue with your tv reception after the job is done. 

Use an antenna specialist.  An antenna specialist will having done a great deal more installs that an electrician and will have the specialist meter and other equipment required to do a great job.  If you live in a road that gets particularly good/strong tv reception this might not be as important but there are so many challenging tv reception areas in Hornsby, Mount Colah, Berowra, Wahroonga etc.. that using a specialist will reduce your risk.

Ensure you go with a technician who communicates well.  Sometimes there is some challenging with an installation – particularly if your house doesn’t get great tv reception at the roof.  Good communication facilitates good decisions.

Insist on fixed-time appointments.  You probably don’t have time to wait around for half the day hoping the technician will turn up.  Lucky you if you do.  The company/technician should respect your time and provide a fitted-time appointment.

Are they fully insured?  You’d be surprised how many tradies do not have current insurance.  He will likely be going up on your roof so make sure he is insured.  Don’t be embarrassed to ask to see a copy of his insurance.  

Don’t forget to offer the technician a cup of coffee.  😉