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TV antenna installations in Hornsby

Having lived in Hornsby for over 19 years and done hundreds of antenna installations in Hornsby and Hornsby Heights we know a thing or two about the area.  Parts of Hornsby are ok for antenna reception and antenna installations can be quite straightforward.  Many parts of Hornsby however – for example Valley Road, parts of Mittabah Road etc.., can be very challenging and require an expert antenna installation to make the most of the signal coming in at the roof of the house.

Most of the time we align antennas to the transmissions towers in Artarmon.  Sometimes however, if a house is located in a valley and there is a huge hill in the direction of Artarmon, we will either instal a different type of antenna and align for Karrajong or instal a VAST satellite system.

There are a few different digital tv antennas that we instal in Hornsby but all the antennas need to be reasonably powerful to pick up the transmissions from Artarmon and strong enough to contend with our cockatoo population.

Local knowledge is definitely a big plus when you are looking for a tv reception specialist for Hornsby.  Apart from challenging areas (due to valleys, hills, apartment building) there are also mobile phone towers to contend with (which can cause tv reception issues if you are pointing right at one).



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